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If people were born racists then there would be no hope for humanity. Racism is not something that one is born with, it is something they are taught. Do you know what kills racism, or at least, suspends it for a time? Sports! Playing sports is much more than just…

Welcome to NoBull, home of no B.S. We pride ourselves in offering our readers content about products that are not only informative, but rewarding. We promise to provide raw, authentic reviews on products and services BEFORE you waste your money buying them!

About Us

We would like to welcome you, our noble…

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“The writer must earn money in order to be able to live and to write, but he must by no means live and write for the purpose of making money.”
-Karl Marx

Although there are some writers that make a ton of money from their works, the profession of a…

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Do you see the bird that soars above, in the empty sky? She is at peace. Her domain is both: the sky and the land. She is not trapped in any given place. The bird flies to wherever it desires, not subject to any human laws or imaginary borders. …

Why did they really bring back the Olympics? What was the end goal?

Ancient Greece first created the Olympic Games as old as 3000 years ago. The games were held in Olympia, which was located off the western Peloponnese peninsula. They chose that location to honour the god, Zeus. …

Racism is undeniably a great concern in today’s society. It is unfortunate that some are closed-minded, lacking education and humanity, although this is a society we live in. However, I merely wish to portray an image when the idea of racism was non-existent for a moment.

I want you to…

Seeking that which is lost

I wait for you in the realm of dreams, yet you do not show,

How can you be in my thoughts constantly whilst awake, only to be long absent in sleep?

I would be content with seeing you in a nightmare, forcing myself to confront…

A Betrayal of Friendship

What is it you think you earned, to feel that high sense of entitlement over others? People these days no longer want to do the work, but rather they choose to just eat off another’s hustle.

Many fail to realize the endless opportunities that are around…

Is it really worth it? Can you become a millionaire? Should you hold cryptos and stocks longer? Or should you not buy any to begin with?

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We see many day traders living their best lives on Instagram, taking long vacations, working remotely, driving fancy cars, living in massive Villas and…


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